The press conference on strategic cooperation between ACG and City University of Colorado was successfully held
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On February 16, 2022, ACG International Art Education Group (AACG. US) reached a strategic cooperation with the City University of Colorado. The two sides held a press conference on the fifth Danny Award International Electronic Music Competition in 2022 and other related matters.

Mr. Zhang Jun, founder and President of ACG international art education group, Hao Guowang, Professor of Shanghai University, Wu Sanshi, Professor of Shanghai University, Liu Fengling, founder of Huacheng Chuangxin, and Nian Hui, senior personal brand consultant, attended the press conference held in ACG. Subsequently, the leaders of both sides delivered speeches, signed agreement documents, reached strategic cooperation and jointly celebrated the official opening of the fifth Danny award.

Mr. Nian Hui, a senior personal brand consultant, said that he used to be a personal brand growth coach and one of the lecturers of the personal brand consultant class of Qiuye business school. He helped customers build their personal brand and solve the problems of personal brand establishment and development. He was a senior career planner, growth coach and career consultant to help customers plan their personal career and solve the problems of personal career choice, development and balance. ACG international art education, as the first art education institution listed in the US stock market in China, adheres to the "craftsman's heart for education and cross-border thinking on art", focuses on global art education, and provides more and more valuable opportunities and platforms for groups pursuing art and creative development all over the world.

The chairman of the Danny award jury said: Colorado City University is a famous public university in the United States. It was founded in 1956 and has about 4000 students. It is located in Colorado, with its headquarters in Denver. The majors of Colorado City University include: mathematics, physics, chemistry, economy, politics, history, music, dance, psychology, pedagogy, bioscience, microbial engineering, earth science, nuclear physics, aerospace engineering, audiology, clinical psychology, computer science, computer engineering, business administration, law, medicine, engineering, zoology, forestry, marine biology International Studies and more than 70 foreign language courses.

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