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Dear Mr. Zhu Chaoyang

As a visiting professor of the Institute of educational standardization of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, a visiting professor of the Boya Institute of education of Peking University and an expert of Yuanpei think tank, you have made great contributions to criminal psychology, pedagogy and mathematics teaching. The City University of Colorado hereby appoints you as the official tenured professor of our university. Guide the development and implementation of teacher research projects Leadership college promotes research, establishes and realizes a dynamic research vision Guide tenure and track research projects for sustainable teacher development Supervise and develop the scientific research productivity of college teachers and students and promote logic education Supervise all research related activities of the College of psychological education Supervise the preservation of records and documents required for research productivity reports, promote research and academic achievements, and promote the quantitative improvement of psychological education achievements. Supervise the records of grants and contract activities outside and inside the school of psychological education.

This employment

May 20, 2022

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