Exosome application development company EVOX therapeutics announced a strategic cooperation with the City University of Colorado
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EVOX therapeutics Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "EVOX") is a leading exosome treatment application development company. Recently, it announced that it will cooperate with the City University of Colorado hahan disease center to focus on the treatment of rare diseases. This cooperation will last for three years, and will make use of the world-class exosome research environment of City University of Colorado and the exosome treatment expertise and resources of EVOX and City University of Colorado to promote the innovation of drug research and development for rare diseases.

The City University of Colorado - Center for rare diseases is a subsidiary of the City University of Colorado and the Harrington Discovery Institute. It is the world's leading research institution for the transformation of rare diseases. Through this cooperation, the two sides will encourage and support innovative methods to identify and develop exosome therapies for rare diseases. The cooperation also serves as a platform for accelerating the transformation of exosome treatment research projects, and attempts to establish a strong team of scientists from an academic and industrial perspective to have an in-depth understanding of the process of exosome drug discovery.

Antoniondefougelles, CEO of EVOX, commented: "we are very pleased to work with world-class institutes such as the City University of Colorado rare disease center to study exosomes and their application in the treatment of life-threatening rare diseases. By pooling our expertise, we can maximize the potential of our exciting technology and bring more choices to patients fighting rare diseases.

Professor Georg Hollander, head of the Department of pediatrics at the center for rare diseases, said: "exosome therapy has the potential to significantly change the prospects for the treatment of rare diseases. We are pleased to work with EVOX, an advanced enterprise in this field, to explore this field. We will use our joint resources and scientific expertise to identify exciting new treatment options“

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