Introduction to Professor Chaoyang Zhu
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Zhuchaoyang, male, Han nationality, was born in 1995. He holds a double doctoral degree in education and psychology from the City University of Colorado. Visiting professor of School of education, City University of Colorado, United States, official tenured professor of School of psychology, City University of Colorado, United States, graduate tutor of City University of Colorado, United States, and visiting professor of El Paso Institute of technology, United States. Engaged in research on criminal psychology, pedagogy and mathematics teaching.

Publish works

He is the sole author of research on criminal psychology based on network technology, the deputy chief editor of criminal psychological analysis and correction, the second chief editor of College Students' mental health education, and the second chief editor of research on higher education and administration in the new era.

publish one’s thesis

1. Discussion on the application of critical psychology in police interaction was published in Journal of school psychology

2. Research on the psychological intervention function of music and school prevention strategies of psychology of juvenile delinquency was published in Journal of school psychology

3. Research on the application of shfs in speech stress assessment published in Psychological Science

4. The connection between enterprise management and internal control - China's collective economy

5. Analysis and Reflection on the core competence in mathematics college entrance examination examination examination and evaluation

6. Research on the influence of mastering mathematical knowledge on high school physics teaching effect - intelligence

7. How to cultivate students' application ability in high school mathematics teaching - college entrance examination

8. On the essence of the maximum triangle area in solving triangle problems - subject teaching and research.

Ph. D., University of Illinois at Champaign, USA, studies the cognitive science direction of educational psychology.

Independent book of Basic Theory and Practice Research of Artificial Intelligence (Limerick University (America) Press) ISBN: 978-1-957032-09-2

Research on Theory and Practice of Engineering Psychology (Chongqing Zhongdian Electronic Audio Video Publishing Co., Ltd.) ISBN: 978-7-89476-993-0

Research on Theory and Practice of Human Computer Interaction Technology (Pergamon (UK) Press) ISBN: 978-1-915498-27-4

Independent book of Research on Criminal Psychology Based on Network Technology (Longman American Press) ISBN: 978-1-955607-82-7

Principle of Communication (Limerick University Press) ISBN: 978-1-957032-11-5

Domestic works:

Editor in chief of Psychological Education for College Students - China Overseas Chinese Press (cip: 2022007827, ISBN: 978-7-5113-8748-6)

Jilin Literature and History Publishing House (cip: 2020216725, ISBN: 978-7-5472-7364-7)

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