Introduction to Professor Chaoyang Zhu II
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Zhu Chaoyang, PhD, University of Illinois at Champaign. I am currently a researcher at Communication University of China and a professor at the

University of Illinois at Champaign. Mainly engaged in research in engineering psychology, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, psychology,

educational examination research, public culture, and other fields.

Social part-time job

Director of the International Institute of Engineering Psychology in the United States


Monograph on "Basic Theory and Practice Research of Artificial Intelligence"

Monograph on Principles of Communication Studies

Monograph on Theoretical and Practical Research in Engineering Psychology

Monograph on the Theory and Practice of Human Computer Interaction Technology

Monograph of "Research on Criminal Psychology Based on Network Technology"

Monograph of "Usability Research Based on Engineering Psychology" - China Atomic Energy Press

English monograph "Artistic intelligence under big data conditions" - BIO-BYWORD

Second Editor in Chief of 'Psychological Education for College Students'

The second editor in chief of "Research on Higher Education and Administrative Management in the New Era"

Research on Basic Theory and Practice of Artistic Intelligence, Solo, (University of Limerick (USA) Press) ISBN: 978-1-957032-09-2

Research on Theory and Practice of Engineering Psychology, Solo, (Chongqjing Zhongdian Electronic Audio Visual Publishing Co., Ltd.) ISBN: 978-7-89476-993-0

Research on Theory and Practice of Human Computer Interaction Technology, Solo, (Pergamon (UK) Press) ISBN: 978-1-915498-27-4

A Study of Criminal Psychology Based on Web Technologies, Solo, (Longman American Press) ISBN: 978-1-955607-82-7

● Domestic Publications:

Psychological Education for College Students, edited by Chinese Overseas Publishing House (cip: 202007827, ISBN: 978-7-5113-8748-6)

Research on Education and Administration of Universities in the New Era, edited by Jilin Literature and History Press (cip: 2020216725, ISBN: 978-7-5472-7364-7)

Publication of papers

1. Research on the Application of Data Mining Technology in College Students' Psychological Crisis Awareness "was employed in" Digital Communication World "

2. Enterprise Control and Internal Management - "China's Collective Economy"

Analysis and Reflection on Core Literacy in Mathematics Exams - "Exam and Evaluation"

Research on the Impact of Mastering Mathematical Knowledge on the Teaching Effectiveness of Physics in Middle School - "Intelligence"

5. How to cultivate students' ability to apply in middle school mathematics teaching - "Examination"

6. On the Essence of Solving the Maximal Value of the Product of Three Shapes in Solving Three Shaped Problems - "Subject Teaching and Research"

7. Research on the Psychological Intervention Function of Music and School Prevention Strategies for Teenager Crime Psychology - Psychological Monthly

The Role of Criminal Psychology in the Interrogation and Interrogation Process - Legal Expo

Intelligent Robot Path Planning and Navigation based on Reinforcement Learning and Adaptive Control - Journal of Logistics, Informatics and Service Science has been hired for retrieval

Research on Adaptive Agent Decision Model Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Learning - Journal of Logistics, Informatics and Service Science has been hired for retrieval

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